Volunteer Opportunities

The school welcomes and cherishes all volunteers. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer including:

  • Helping in the classroom
  • Working in the lunch room
  • Working in the main office
  • Assisting with fundraisers
  • Chaperoning a field trip

All volunteers must be in compliance with the Archdiocese of Washington before having any contact with children in the school.

See the weekly Newsletter for upcoming volunteer opportunities.  For more information on how to volunteer, contact Principal Sharon Caniglia at 301-932-6883 or 301-843-3387, or email

Submit Volunteer Hours Online

St. Mary’s School has simplified our volunteer hour log process. You are now able to log your hours from anywhere using our website. Each family receives one Username and Password combination, but more may be requested as you may be working in combination with other members of your family toward meeting the Annual Family Volunteering Requirements. To enter your families’ volunteer hours, click here. Upon login, you will come to the Submit Volunteer Hours page. Select the type of position and enter the work date, brief description of work and number of hours worked.  Click “Submit” and the entry will be added to the list below.  If you need to modify an entry, click the link to View All My Volunteer Hours. (Entries marked as Archived are from a previous year and cannot be modified.)  For questions or to request another Username and Password, email

Volunteer Compliance

The Archdiocese of Washington requires that all school employees and volunteers complete a volunteer application and pass a criminal background investigation before having any contact with children in the school. In addition, all employees and volunteers must attend a “Protecting God’s Children for Adults” educational workshop.

  1. The volunteer must register online at (click on Washington, DC (Archdiocese) for the Organization and select St. Mary (402) for the primary location) and schedule an upcoming Child Protection training workshop.
  2. The volunteer completes the ADW Volunteer Application and returns it to Mrs. Crozier. She then records the application online with Virtus.
  3. The volunteer makes an appointment with Mrs. Crozier to complete the Electronic Background Investigation at the school. Need to bring 2 Government issued IDs (one with a picture) and a check for $13.50 made payable to St. Mary’s School to pay for processing the background check.
  4. The volunteer must attend the Child Protection training seminar no later than 60 days following the assumption of duties.
  5. After attending the Child Protection training seminar, the volunteer reads the Child Protection Policy booklet and signs the Appendix E Acknowledgement form and gives it to Mrs. Crozier no later than 30 days after taking the class.
  6. The volunteer should keep copies of all documents given to Mrs. Crozier.