Wish List

St. Mary’s maintains a Wish List made up of items that staff members would like over and above budgeted materials. The list has items ranging in value from $25 to $20,000. If you’re looking to help a teacher, support a classroom or further the school’s vision, please review the list below.

There is also a Giving Tree in the front foyer of St. Mary’s. Hanging on the tree are many items that the faculty and staff would like to have to enhance instruction in the classroom. If anyone would like to take an item off the tree and donate it to a specific teacher or the school, the students, teachers, and administration would be most appreciative. Your donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your generosity.  Please check the Giving Tree in the front foyer.A few of the items found on the tree are listed here as examples:

  • 5 – Document Cameras
  • 3 – Digital Cameras

$25 – $500 Items

  • Physical Education Fun Book — An activity book for Physical Education teachers to ensure participation from grades K-8, $22.95 each
  • Recess Success — 251 games and activities!, $21.95 each
  • Flex Tester — Used to carry out accurate measurements of flexibility; $139.95 each
  • Push-up Mat — Used to make certain that every push-up is correct; $34.95 each
  • “TuffSKIN” Dodgeball — Softness eliminates the fear of being hurt, 6+ at $9.95 each
  • “TuffSKIN Dodgeball Set — Perfect for target games and dodgeball, $58.95 =set of 6
  • Premium Hop Balls — Heavy duty bouncers for indoor and outdoor play, 6 at $26.95 each
  • Reaction Ball — An easy to catch reaction tester, 6 at $17.95
  • “No-Kink” Hoops — The most durable hoop made!, Set of 12, 30” for $61. 95, Set of 12 36” for $65.95
  • Super Strides — Walking platforms with handled ropes, 4 person 60” for $93.95
  • “Tachikara” Playground Balls — Double Thickness, Set of 6 for $25.95
  • “Multi-Stilts” — A combination of the traditional rope and bucket stilts, Set of 6 for $99.95
  • “Twirl ‘N’ Jump — A one-handed jump rope, Set of 6 for $30.95
  • Platform Stilts — A great lead up to stilt walking, Set of 6 for $27.95
  • Monster Trax — Focusing on hand and foot coordination, Set of 6 for $99.95
  • iPads — A variety of uses including support for students who need extra reading help, additional resources for students, projects for students to create, and even professional development for our faculty
  • Flat Screen TVs — Will aid in additional classroom space

More than $500 Items

  • ATW Portable Drying Rack — 18”x24” will work but 20”x26” with 40 shelves and 20”x26” with 50 shelves are also available, $480, $530, and $670
  • Steam Cleaner — Choice between four: KleenJet Mega 500V, $ 2,047; KleenJet Mega 1000CV, $2,793; KleenJet Mega 3000CV, $3,296; KleenJet Ultra 5000CV, $4,489
  • WeatherBug Educational Component — With Camera, $12,990; Without Camera, $6,490