Staff Directory

Need to contact a member of our staff? Use the email directory below or call the office at 301-932-6883 or 301-843- 3387 to leave a message for any staff member.

id000001          Mrs. Caniglia, Principal – caniglia@bryantown.org
id000249         Mrs. Johnson, Vice Principal & Resource – johnson@bryantown.org
id000005          Mrs. Alston, Office – office@bryantown.org
id000007          Mrs. Crozier, Director of Development – crozier@bryantown.org
id000011          Mrs. Craft, PreK-4 Teacher – craft@bryantown.org
id000009          Mrs. Watson, PreK-4 Aide – watson@bryantown.org
id000052          Mrs. DiGiovannantonio, Kindergarten-digiovannantonio@bryantown.org
id000051         Mrs. Cooley, Kindergarten Aide – cooley@bryantown.org
id000010          Ms. Morrison, Grade 1 – morrison@bryantown.org
id000006         Mrs. Douglas, Grade 1 Aide – douglas@bryantown.org
id000073         Mrs. Silverstone, Grade 2 – silverstone@bryantown.org
id000095         Mrs. Garner, Grade 3 – garner@bryantown.org
id000115         Mrs. Slay, Grade 4 – slay@bryantown.org
id000164         Mrs. Truss, Grade 5 – truss@bryantown.org
id000196           Mr. Hayes, Grade 6 – hayes@bryantown.org
id000198           Mr. Wilson, Grade 7 – wilson@bryantown.org
id000210         Mrs. Vanni, Grade 8 – vanni@bryantown.org
id000002         Mrs. Rison, Art, 6th Grade Math & Instructional Specialist-rison@bryantown.org
id000268          Ms. Cauler, Music – cauler@bryantown.org
id000250           Mr. Panza, Computer – panza@bryantown.org
id000248         Mrs. Cusic, Physical Education – cusic@bryantown.org
Mrs.  Smith, Middle School Science – smith@bryantown.org
Ms. Buzzeo, PreK-3 Teacher – buzzeo@bryantown.org
Mrs. Housewright, PreK-3 Aide – housewright@bryantown.org
Mrs. Stefko, Spanish – stefko@bryantown.org
Mrs. Orlandi, Librarian – orlandi@bryantown.org
Ms. Etter, Band – etter@bryantown.org